No matter what your cleaning requirements are Dave Cox Cleaning has a package to suit. My company specialise in maintaining carpets, not just doing a one off clean and then forgetting all about you. The following is just a sample of the packages we have:

PERFECT CARE PROGRAMME: This is for those who really want to look after their carpets, along with the security of knowing should an accident happen help is just a phone call away.

This is what you get: An initial full cleaning with protection, this is discounted by 50% as we give you the protector. We then set up a standing order for next years cleaning which allows you to pay monthly, making it easier to deal with and the the furnishings get cleaned when they need it, not when you have some spare cash. This is then followed by a FREE six monthly highlight clean (what's this) a highlight clean is for the walkways only, no furniture will be moved, by keeping these areas clean and free of the damaging grit the carpet will last longer. On the annual anniversary we return and do a full clean again with protector. In addition to this you get unlimited spot and stain removal visits which could normally cost you £60-£75 per visit. We will give our specialist spot remover, just so you can take care of the small spots yourself. This comes with free lifelong top ups. Our client's really love this product. This is the most cost effective way to maintain you soft furnishings. You will also get free subscription to our monthly newsletter which is full of fun and helpful tips.

Premium Package: This is for those who just want a one of clean and protect.

This what you get: A full thorough cleaning followed by the application of protector. this protector will give you peace of mind that should an accident happen, the protector will give you a barrier of time to get the spillage mopped up before it becomes a permanent attraction and talking point.

Full Service: This is the basic package, designed for those who just want a clean carpet with no frills, now don't get me wrong this is the same thorough cleaning as the other packages. We don't cut corners we clean them. This package suits those who have probably rented a property and are moving out, or are trying to get just a little longer out of their furnishings before changing them.

Remember all our services come with my personal 100% guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with any of our work, we will quickly return and re-clean the area/ items for free. If you are still not satisfied, I will refund all your money. Nothing is more important to me than your complete satisfaction. Over 90% of my work comes from repeat business and referrals.